What is in a name?

I figured I’d start my foray into blogdom with an explanation of my virtual name.  I am Uncapd. It isn’t particularly catchy, I might change it, but for now it suits me.  People have asked me why I spell it that way, why not ‘uncapped’?  Quite simply, it is a play on my initials and my inability to quit talking.  I figured it best represented the virtual me, the real me as well, the me who can let loose, the me who can type freely, the me who will be raving more than ranting, and the me who likes to get to the bottom of things with grace and true comprehension.

I had two people encourage me just today towards this moment in time where I begin to self publish.  I consider them both advisors and friends, and suppose that the time has come to pop off the cap.  Thank you Lew and Marla for your little pats on the back that gave me the momentum to get this started.


About Uncapd

Founder: Bocktown Beer & Grill ~ Writer ~ Social media advocate ~ Imaginary inventor ~ Underachiever ~ Craft beer lover ~ Gabby Gertie View all posts by Uncapd

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