Puking up a Business

I truly believe that every small business is a puked up version of the personality of the founder.  I really do hope Bocktown is a reflection of my personality.  All of my restaurant experiences good and bad went into making it work as it does.  I am extremely proud of it, and am glad some of you see that when you visit us.  Even when I am not there, it seems as if you get my message, my vibe or attitude.

Did I get lucky? Did I paint the walls the right color? Did I order enough craftbeer to keep you interested?  Did I pay attention to every menu item to assure great taste and quality? Did I overload the tables with information and marketing? Sure, all of the above!  The culture of the brand runs very deep, it’s in the host’s smile and under the dishwasher’s fingernails.  It’s under the gazebos in the beer garden and on our t-shirts. I hope it is setting up a little outpost in your heart as well!

This observation goes out to budding business owners: “Don’t be afraid to show your soul to your customers!” They need to love you, understand you, and rally for you.  You need the relationship, not the sale.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself, be human and make mistakes.  Own up, move on, and grow.

If you aren’t specifically on the entrepreneurial tract, next time you are visiting any small business, look around and get to know someone! Embrace them with their faults and their quirks, and be glad that not everything in their world is the same, efficient, monotonous robotic crap that we have been raised to expect. As my tagline says, ’embrace the unusual.’  Don’t run away from it.


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3 responses to “Puking up a Business

  • Joby

    We ate there last night.

    I think it will become a tradition with my wife and I. We have two young boys so Date night comes very infrequently so we want to make it as enjoyable as possible. Bocktown will certainly be a part of it as often as possible.

    Great food
    Great beer
    Great service

    – Joby

  • Adam C

    I was just having this conversation last night! Just as all of my personal experiences have made me who I am, so have my business experiences shaped the business owner I’ve become. I could not have said this any better, “’Don’t be afraid to show your soul to your customers!’ They need to love you, understand you, and rally for you.” As a husband and wife team, we have no other choice! No board behind us, no CEO in place to guide the ship. Just two PEOPLE trying to make this thing go. So far, people seem to “get” us and what we do, and they “embrace” us. The gratitude I find in that, knowing that it’s “us” they like, not some slickly designed marketing/imaging effort, is immeasurable. I think people are drawn to the genuine, something that independents will always have over the big guys. Well said, Chris.

  • doogle

    Thanks for making what I believe to be the best burger in SWPA. Whatever part of your soul the Bocktown Burger is, its tasty 🙂

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