Social media offers unlimited opportunity to promote your business, service or idea.  If you aren’t using social media tools to market your business, you are truly missing a huge opportunity to connect with new and existing customers. It simply cannot hurt to try it. We look to facebook and twitter, amongst others, for information and entertainment, just as we often do with television and radio. If you have information to give, why not use these free tools to communicate?  It is simply an effective, added layer to get your message to more folks, freely and instantly. Think about facebook and other social tools as living diaries. When was it ever this easy to chronicle what you were doing? Look at what others have done effectively or not. From a business standpoint: Who has time to stop and actually track what happens every day? Why wouldn’t you look at the analytics of these sites to help you make better decisions about how to direct your marketing dollars?

Get started! Get creative! Communicate! Innovate! Learn more by attending workshops, reading, and just following great brands that are actually using social media tools right now. Search what interests you personally. What do you love about what you see? What do you hate about it? What would you do differently? It is the Wild West, and you are the pioneer. Get out there and explore. We are writing the rules, setting the standards and enjoying the ‘rush.’

Get out there! It is a #socialrush in so many ways. Do not miss the opportunity to expand, grow and communicate. (Don’t forget there is always the delete button.)


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