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Too much of a great thing?

I am not complaining! Tech toys are amazing. My husband surprised me this Christmas with an iPad. I am wondering why i need one at all, but am simultaneously thrilled to have it. I can do most of my work from my blackberry storm 2. I can have most every form of communication known to man through the bb… Sans sex, beerby and face to face communication. But that is debateable!

I am typing this blog post from the ipad, but I can do that from the phone as well… So why? Is it just what all the cool kids are doing? Is it to keep me better organized? Is it to allow me to catch up on my reading or netflix subcription? I guess I am just here at the doorway to another world, and I am not shy at all. I’m running with eyes closed into it. Too much of a great thing be damned.

Notes to self:
I think this thing needs a pet name.
I better schedule some non-tech time with my husband or he will regret this gift.
I better start playing words with friends.
I need to figure how to turn this sucker off.
I have to remember to eat.
I have to remember that I am building a second restaurant!

Send Halp! Please use my comments to suggest your favorite uses for the iPad.


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